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Further information on Archer Taylor can be found at the following sites:

The Journal of American Folklore published the Archer Taylor Memorial Issue following his death in 1973.

Bibliography of Archer Taylor's Proverb Studies by Wolfgang Mieder.

The majority of Archer Taylor's library and papers were sent to the University of Georgia.

The online archive at the University of California contains a short biography and a listing of stored documents which include correspondence of other scholars to Professor Taylor, Archer Taylor Papers Pertaining to Folklore, 1890-1973.

The Francis Lee Utley Research Collection at FolkOhio at the University of Ohio includes some papers related to Archer Taylor.

Correspondence in the Felix J. Oinas papers includes letters from several celebrated scholars including Archer Taylor.

An Exchange of Letters: Archer Taylor to a Young Literary Folklorist offers a series of letters between Archer Taylor and George Monteiro.

De Proverbio Electronic Journal and Publisher on-line volumes include classic essays by folklorists such as Archer Taylor.

Bibliography of Archer Taylor's Proverb Studies prepared by Wolfgang Mieder is in the Volume 2, Number 1, 1996 issue of

A brief history of the Department of German, University of California at Berkeley can be found at the University's web site.

1976, University of California: In Memoriam is available from Calisphere, a service of the University of California.

The Wayland D. Hand Folklore Papers, (1938-1986) Prof. Hand studied under Archer Taylor in 1934. The collection of his papers at the Utah State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives contains correspondence they exchanged over the years until Prof. Taylor's death.

The papers of Bartlett Jere Whiting (1900-1974), Archer Taylor's friend and co-author, can be found at The Harvard Libaries, Hollis Catalog. It is not known if this collection contains letters from Archer Taylor.

The papers of Taylor Starck (1940-1950), Archer Taylor's friend and correspondent are also at The Harvard Libraries, Hollis Catalog. The catalog states that the materials contain "some correspondence and notes."

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