Taylor Residence Now Protected Property

Archer Taylor's "ranch" and residence in Napa County, California is now owned and managed by The Land Trust of Napa County. More information on visiting this restricted property is available from the Land Trust.

The Land Trust manages the Preserve in conjunction with a group of dedicated volunteers for the protection and preservation of this beautiful property. The Preserve is open by permission with at least 48 hours advanced notice or through guided hikes scheduled by the Land Trust and a number of other organizations.

For permission to hike on the Preserve, contact the on-site caretakers at least 48 hours in advance at 707-254-0996 or by e-mailing atphiker@napalandtrust.org.  Do not email to this website address.  Entrance to the Preserve is locked almost a mile from the Preserve itself; do not park there and trespass as your car may be towed or you may be arrested.

This property includes a century-old redwood forest in the Redwood Creek watershed west of Napa. The land harbors a broad array of native flora and fauna. Much of it will be protected in a wild status forever.

Following its Mission Statement, The Land Trust of Napa County works to protect the natural diversity, scenic open space and agricultural vitality of Napa County by preserving lands with significant conservation values for present and future generations and by fostering an appreciation and understanding of the natural environment.

The sidebar images were taken at the Archer Taylor Preserve.

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